Shiga Kogen Not So Special

Back with another Shiga Kogen beer after a brief absence. High hopes again! This one also looks to be a limited edition from the label, and claims to be a special bitter. Coloring of the liquid is a light brown color for me, though I saw pictures on the internet where it poured yellow for some others. The usual cloudy sediment, as expected. Aroma is nice and fruity, with a bit of iced tea in there. Very citrus. Continue reading

Shiga Kogen Sono Juu Anniversary IPA

And today, a treat (I hope)! Been looking for this 10th anniversary top-rated IPA since some months ago, and I just happened to stumble across her over the weekend. Exciting! She pours out a beautiful cloudy yellow, lots of fine sediment in there. Like many a respectable ale, no head at all. Capturing the aroma in words is difficult, but mild fruity and floral comes close. Fresh pomegranate? Mango, passion fruit. Continue reading

Karuizawa Asama Meisui Alt

Back after nearly two weeks, just barely keeping my “post once a week” rule by a technicality. But I’m actually all out of regular beers to review, so it’s back to craft today with this can I picked up over the holidays in Karuizawa. She pours out a nice red color, even if it’s fairly brown. A bit transparent, but healthy bubbles flying around in there. The aroma it gives off is a solid nutty one, typical of the roasted malt variety. Almost getting hints of tabasco in there too, so call me intrigued. Continue reading

Craft Select I.P.A.

Continuing onto Suntory’s latest effort at good beers we have this IPA on a lazy Sunday. She certainly looks nice, dark orange in color with lots of bubbly action going on in there. The aroma is a bit off, starts off with some nice fruity tones but there’s a chemical sludge behind it all that just isn’t very flattering. Imagine something chalky like baby powder or maybe an anti-septic spray. Continue reading

Craft Select Amber Ale

Running out of new stuff to review (finally!), so here we are ending up with the final pair of Suntory’s craft select line. This one held up great on the street after a late night lucky find, so I hope shes’s good at home too. I really like the color on her, nice dark orange hue. A little see-through, but nice head at least. The aroma speaks to fruity goodness, with none of that cloying lager stink. Must be my imagination but I’m picking up some blueberry in there, yum! Continue reading

Dry Premium Hatsushikomi (2016)

Happy New Year once again, hitting up Asahi’s Hatsushikomi beverage same as last year. Different color of can, maybe different taste, we’ll have to see. She looks nice all right, healthy head and big fat bubbles rising throughout. A little darker gold hue of the yellow, still very clear. Smell is mostly standard for these Dry Premiums, sweet with a little hop vegetation in the back. Dry. Continue reading

Clear Asahi Hatsuzumi no Kaori 2015

Another daisan today, this one being a sequel to Asahi’s freshly squeezed hops from last year. Slightly different name, but otherwise apparently identical. The appearance isn’t anything to get excited about, just a standard plain yellow. Seem to be a lot of bubbles floating to the top, but no head forming. Fairly muted nose for a daisan, maybe a bit of cinnamon in there but otherwise it just smells like water. Thankfully no skunk. Continue reading

Kinmugi Kuro no Hitotoki

Taking a break from the rich beers today with this daisan. Or at least that was the intent, but now I see it’s a 53kcal black daisan. Could be interesting. Nice coloring, a very dark brown with a reddish hue. Far shot from the deep black of a proper porter though. The aroma is a dead giveaway, right off the bat I get that skunky daisan smell. Behind the scenes thoguh we have a slightly discernable roasted flavor. Not enough to want to sniff it again. Continue reading

Orion Ryukyu Pale Ale

The idea behind this beer is great, get Asahi’s Okinawan partners to brew up an “IPA like” RPA to kickstart their new pseudo-craft lineup. It’s execution? Let’s see. Hard to make a judgement on the color, it’s so close to yellow that calling orange is iffy. Lots of head and some bubbles at least. The aroma is hardly more encouraging, pretty basic Asahi fare. Definitely some cherry in there, and some banana as well. Don’t like that banana at all. Continue reading

Craftmanship Christmas Beer Eve Amber

The holidays continue here at Yenbeer with this premature Eve Amber. She pours a nice reddish hue into the glass, and while not many bubbles there the coloring looks quite inviting. More than iced tea anyways. Again a little disappointing on the nose, first sniff just comes across as a standard Asahi can. I can pick out a little cherry and raspberry if I try, but it’s folded into the malt/yeast focused Asahi smell. Continue reading